Into the Forest (USA 2013/2014)


Patricia Rozema


Jean Hegland


Ausführende Produzenten:

Haroon (Boon) Saleem, Kelly Bush Novak,


Sriram Das


Ellen Page, Karine Martin

Associate Producer:

Kristina Sorensen




Ellen Page


Evan Rachel Wood


Max Minghella


Michael Eklund


Callum Keith Rennie


Wendy Crewson


Brittany Willacy


Bethany Brown



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101 Minuten




weniger als 10.000.000 US-Dollar


28. Juli - 29. August 2014


Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Kanada


14A (Kanada)


12. September 2015 (Toronto International Film Festival)

Firmen / Studios:

DAS Films, Rhombus Media, Bron Studios, Celsius Entertainment

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Englische Produktionsnotizen (Kanada)

(PDF Dokument, 0,99 MB)



Die Zivilisation versiegt. Stück für Stück: im flackernden Verlöschen der Elektrizität, durch die Schließung von Schulen und Geschäften, dem Ende der Benzinvorräte. Regierungsstrukturen, Kommunikation und Gesundheitswesen lösen sich auf. Menschen ziehen fort, Städte verfallen, Chaos und Gewalt machen die verbliebenen Bewohner der Kleinstädte misstrauisch und ängstlich. Es gibt keine finale Katastrophe, sondern einen unmerklichen Niedergang, an dessen Ende die technische Welt kollabiert ist wie ein kranker Organismus, an Kriegen, Umweltzerstörung, Dummheit und Verbrechen.

Für das Mädchen Nell und ihre Schwester Eva, die mit ihren Eltern auf einer abgeschiedenen Waldlichtung in den Redwood-Wäldern Kaliforniens leben, ist der Zusammenbruch ein langsames Verstummen, ein allmählicher Verlust der Außenwelt. Als ihre Eltern durch Krankheit und Unfall sterben, sind die zwei Schwestern auf ihrer isolierten Lichtung auf sich selbst gestellt. Es beginnt ein Kampf ums Überleben und eine fließende Annäherung an die Natur nach dem Untergang der Technokratie.

Englischer Kurzinhalt:

In the not-too-distant future, two ambitious young women, Nell and Eva, live with their father in a lovely but run-down home up in the mountains somewhere on the West Coast. Suddenly the power goes out; no one knows why. No electricity, no gasoline. Their solar power system isn't working. Over the following days, the radio reports a thousand theories: technical breakdowns, terrorism, disease and uncontrolled violence across the continent.

Then, one day, the radio stops broadcasting. Absolute silence.

Step by ominous step, everything that Nell, a would-be academic, and Eva, a hard working contemporary dancer, have come to rely on is stripped away: parental protection, information, food, safety, friends, lovers, music - all gone. They are faced with a world where rumor is the only guide, trust is a scarce commodity, gas is king and loneliness is excruciating.

To battle starvation, invasion and despair, Nell and Eva fall deeper into a primitive life that tests their endurance and bond. Ultimately, the sisters must work together to survive and learn to discover what the earth will provide. They find comfort in cherishing the memories of the happy family life they once shared. The natural world, art & memory sustain them. But for how long?

Into the Forest, a raw and elegant "realistic fable," explores the beauty that can come of painful beginnings, the denial we resort to in a world come unhinged and the strength that we find when our plans for our lives have been obliterated.


  • Dies ist Ellens erstes Projekt als Produzentin.
  • Die Romanvorlage von Jean Hegland wurde in insgesamt 12 Sprachen übersetzt und in vielen Ländern veröffentlicht.
  • John Malkovich war ursprünglich für die Rolle von Stan im Gespräch, sprang dann aber letztendlich ab.
  • Das Projekt wurde mit 2.593.683 Dollar von Telefilm Canada unterstützt und mitfinanziert.


  • "I’m so excited. It’s a really intense film - I feel like I’ve never seen a movie like this. It’s starring two young women. We’re the heroes of the film. We’re taking care of ourselves, and we’re warriors in it. So, I think it’s really refreshing to see a film with two very strong leading ladies taking care of themselves. It takes place in the not-so-distant future. Everything is ending - there’s no water, there’s no gas or electricity. Life as you know it just ceases to be." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über den Film (Quelle:
  • "She’s absolutely wonderful. I loved every minute of filming. As intense as the movie is, we actually laughed a lot and had a really good time. She’s one of those people that can turn it on and off. It’s kind of scary how quickly she can do it - she’s literally laughing one second, and then the next she’s in character. Her whole face changes. She morphs into what she’s doing, and it’s really fun to watch. "But, we really took care of each other. We had to go to deep, vulnerable places in the film, and we were always there holding and hugging each other - like real sisters helping each other through the whole process. We got really close. We knew we were going to do the film a year before it was made, so we spent as much time as possible together so we could really bond and so the relationship was believable. She’s one of my closest friends now." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über die Zusammenarbeit mit Ellen Page (Quelle:
  • “Ellen, for a month and a half, was my sister. We were in life or death situations together, we were picking each other up and holding each other and getting each other through the day… And then it’s just over, and you’ll never see these characters again. At the end of the shoot, I just lost it.” — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über die Zusammenarbeit mit Ellen Page (Quelle:
  • “It was her passion for the book that made me trust her. She had a profound understanding of the story.” — Autorin Jean Heglands über Schauspielerin Ellen Page als treibende Kraft hinter der Verfilmung (Quelle:
  • “It’s so new. We don’t have a clip, I don’t even know quite how to describe it yet… I thank Ellen Page for getting this ball rolling; she’s the producer on it.” — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über den Film (Quelle: TIFF 2015 Pressekonferenz)
  • “She found the book, she asked me to write, I wrote, she loved the script, we found the money, I directed. During the shoot she was pretty much the actor, she was very focused. She also found Evan Rachel Wood. There was a song we wanted by Cat Power, we couldn’t get it, it was too expensive. Ellen gets on the phone, we got it.” — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Ellen Page, welche auch als Produzentin tätig und die treibende Kraft hinter dem Projekt war (Quelle:
  • "The book was so beautifully written, compelling, suspenseful and deeply, deeply emotional that I thought it would be something that I'd really like to see on film" — Schauspielerin Ellen Page über das Buch, auf dem der Film basiert (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "During the actual process of shooting, Ellen really wanted to concentrate on her performance and put her trust in Aaron Gilbert and myself. But in completing the film, she has very much been a force in terms of the direction of the editing, and in shaping the release of the film." — Produzent Niv Fichman über Ellen Pages erste Schritte als Produzentin (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "It's a piece of speculative fiction about survival. Even if the worst happens, short of death, if your head is in the right place, you can survive. I wanted to convey the fact that information would be the hardest thing to find and the hardest thing to live without. The fact that rumors would be all you have when all forms of energy are gone, would be very difficult for me and for most of us. It's more character-based and psychologically motivated than most post-apocalyptic stories. [...] Not to get too grand about it, I have thought that it's also about the Buddhist concept of detachment, of letting go." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über die Zukunftvision des Films (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "I think a lot of the things in this film aren't too far off from where we're headed, which is a scary thought. The film underscores the importance of not taking things for granted, and pushes the audience to hopefully reexamine themselves and how they relate to the world around them." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über das Szenario des Films (Quelle: Offizielles Pressekit)
  • "I hadn't been that moved by a script in maybe ten years. I loved it because it really challenged me and I had to put down the script and walk away and really think about what I had just read, what it meant, and how I was supposed to feel. That really excited me." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über das Drehbuch (Quelle: Offizielles Pressekit)
  • "The film and its story really get into what it signifies to truly live outside all of the elusive things and expectations we have for life. I'd like for audiences to think about what it means to be a human being in this world, what surviving looks like, and what existence actually means to them." — Schauspielerin Ellen Page über den Reiz der Geschichte (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "These actors are all as authentic as can be. They would hesitate with anything that seems remotely stagey or setup, and I love that about them because I felt that this story especially needed to be without artifice, as humble and true as possible." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über den Cast (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Patricia is exceptional. She has this combination of being incredibly meticulous and so attentive to every detail, but also leaves you feeling absolutely free to explore and discover. We shot this film in a short period of time, and it was remarkable to see her consistently so fantastic and emotionally connected to the story." — Schauspielerin Ellen Page über Regisseurin Patricia Rozema (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Working with Patricia has been a joy on every level and I couldn't imagine doing this film with anyone else. She is fiercely intelligent and open to whatever suggestion you have and really respects the actor's process, especially for a film like this where you have to be so vulnerable." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über Regisseurin Patricia Rozema (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Ellen has a rare combination of quiet power and fragility. And she's so damn cool. I never once had to cut around inauthenticity. I think she's one of the best actors of our time." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Schauspielerin Ellen Page (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Evan is fierce and urgent and entirely committed. There's one scene - I don't want to spoil it for you by saying what happens - where she screams so intensely that she broke all the capillaries around her eyes! I only did one take. And cried after I said cut." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "I haven't had an experience with an actor like that in a really long time, where there's just such fluidity. Evan is so unbelievably present and wildly committed — she really just blew my mind every single day because she's so extraordinary." — Schauspielerin Ellen Page über die Zusammenarbeit mit Evan Rachel Wood (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Getting the chance to work with someone you admire so much and respect makes you feel safe as an actor. When we got in the room and started acting, I was just blown away by how present she was and how quickly she could turn it on and off." — Schauspielerin Evan Rachel Wood über die Zusammenarbeit mit Ellen Page (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "This experience has been rigorous, and very collaborative. We've all bonded in a pretty intense way because it's a film that requires us to explore a lot of different emotions." — Schauspieler Max Minghella über seine Zeit mit Ellen Page und Evan Rachel Wood (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "She is a born reader, hungry for knowledge. She's kind of lonely and needs to connect with her sister, but can't because Eva is so very focused on her art." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Ellen Pages Figur Nell (Quelle: Offizielles Pressekit)
  • "In the screenplay, I wrote that Eva floats in mind, body and spirit. She is a dancer, and that's all she wants to think about. She doesn't have the same urge as Nell to connect. She is very self-contained." — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Evan Rachel Woods Figur Eva (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Max's music is simultaneously intelligent and wrenchingly emotional. He rides that very difficult line between over-playing a moment and heightening it."  — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Komponist Max Richter (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "Into The Forest is a fascinating puzzle of a project, both philosophical and deeply emotional. Looking at the texture of the narrative and it's setting, I chose a hybrid acoustic and electronic palette of muted colors. The intense story telling in the film is embedded in abstract analogue drones, reflecting the unknown landscape the characters inhabit, while the instrumental music drives the story forward, articulating the narrative architecture. It was a pleasure to be part of this fascinating voyage of discovery." — Komponist Max Richter über den Film (Quelle: offizielles Pressekit)
  • "To the naked eye it looks like she's doing nothing, and then you look at the footage and the level of detail is incredible. So many actors are most alive when they're sad, or angry or funny - but she can portray every one of those emotions with equal conviction. She has a thousand colours to her and they're all genuine. [...] I can throw 20 notes at Ellen and she can weave them in. She can keep competing challenges in her mind and then feel. It's a beautiful skill. Not to be too grandiose, but I think she's the voice of a generation. There's something about her that speaks to young women who want to be open and feeling and very strong and capable.” — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über Ellens Schauspielkünste (Quelle:
  • “Ellen is very understated, and over several takes, the performance grows and refines. Evan was different. She starts bigger and then gets smaller, so I had to balance them out and put them in the same movie. There's a thousand ways to act well. It's my job to make sure they act well in the same way.” — Regisseurin Patricia Rozema über das Duo Ellen Page und Evan Rachel Wood (Quelle:




Festival / Event / Ort / Bemerkung



10.-20. Sep 2015

Toronto International Film Festival / Weltpremiere


17.-24. Sep 2015

Atlantic Film Festival / Halifax


19.-27. Sep 2015

Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival


23. Sep - 4. Okt 2015

Calgary International Film Festival


24. Sep - 9. Okt 2015

Vancouver International Film Festival


1.-10. Okt 2015

Busan International Film Festival


9.-18. Okt 2015

Sitges Film Festival / Barcelona


5.-8. Nov 2015

South Western International Film Festival

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