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Alles was man über Sian Heders Regiedebüt »Tallulah« wissen sollte

NetflixWir haben die offiziellen Produktionsnotizen zu Sian Heders Regiedebüt »Tallulah« von Netflix erhalten und freuen uns darüber einige neue Hintergrundinformationen zum Film mit euch teilen zu können!

TallulahWe all face life-altering turns every day: Do we stay where we are, or strike out on our own? Do we live in anger, or try and forgive? Are we the results of our own — or other people’s — bad decisions, or are we the sum total of our own judgment calls?

Tallulah (Ellen Page), or, as she prefers to be called, Lu, is the center of writer-director Sian Heder’s thought-provoking, deeply felt drama Tallulah, and she’s a young woman who finds herself at the intersection of choices. Tallulah lives life on her own terms, caring for only herself. She lives out of a van around New York City, and when we first meet her, she’s ending a just-for-now relationship with Nico (Evan Jonigkeit). After spending some time drifting, Nico wants to move on from his and Tallulah’s life of dumpster-diving and stealing food from convenience stores.

That goes against the freedom Tallulah craves, and so she and Nico part ways. Soon after, roaming a swanky hotel to eat whatever leftover meals she finds in the hallways, Tallulah is mistaken for an employee by an inebriated, affluent woman, Carolyn (Tammy Blanchard). Carolyn, railing loudly against what motherhood has done to her marriage, her body, and her life, is preparing to meet her lover, but first she needs someone to watch her one-year-old daughter, Madison. Accepting $100, Tallulah takes on the role of caregiver for a few hours.

But when Carolyn returns and passes out on the bed, Tallulah judges Carolyn as someone who can’t (or won’t) care for her child. So Tallulah makes a split-second decision to take Madison. Tallulah then seeks out Margo (Allison Janney), Nico’s estranged mother. An edgy academic ensconced in a Manhattan apartment, the quietly seething Margo hasn’t gotten over her husband (John Benjamin Hickey) leaving her years ago for another man. Margo assumes the baby girl Tallulah is holding is also Nico’s. Tallulah, cagily, doesn’t correct the miscommunication.

Initially hesitant, Margo is later appalled to see Tallulah selling lemonade out of the back of the van, and brings Tallulah — and the child she believes is her granddaughter — into her home. As Margo takes tentative steps towards mending the rifts within herself and her family, and Carolyn goes to the police for help, Tallulah discovers a connection she wasn’t anticipating. And all three women find themselves coming to grips with the choices they’ve made.

Tallulah“Tallulah is the story of three very different women whose lives intersect through the impulsive and wellintentioned kidnapping of a child,” says Heder. “It’s a story about motherhood, about looking for a mother and becoming a mother. But mostly it’s a story about humanity, about the blurry lines of morality, and about deeply flawed human behavior.”

The story began in real life, in two different situations. Heder, a veteran writer on Netflix’s hit series Orange is the New Black, had a friend in New York many years ago who was, Heder says, “living a very hand-to-mouth existence. She also felt very liberated and free. She didn’t seem to need anyone and didn’t seem to be needed. But there was incredible pain involved with that.”

“I thought the idea of a person who was living a consequence-free existence, who was living truly in the moment, was fascinating,” continues Heder. “This friend of mine could act from a sense of pure instinct, as opposed to living by societal rules and norms. And there was something I found kind of inspiring – and also very terrifying — about that.”

With her main character in mind, Heder needed a situation that would serve her themes. She discovered that when she found herself in a very alien situation.

“When I first moved to Los Angeles, I worked as a nanny at several high-end hotels,” recalls Heder, who grew up in Massachusetts. “At the time, I was broke, driving an old Buick. When I would pull up to the Four Seasons or the Beverly Hills Hotel, the valet would be forced to crawl through the passenger side door, since the driver’s side door didn’t open.”

“While most of the parents I dealt with were great, I had a couple of truly strange experiences,” the filmmaker says. “One of the mothers I worked for had come to the hotel to have an affair. She had brought her toddler with her, but not the nanny, as she was afraid the nanny would tattle to the husband. This woman had never been alone with her child before. Over the course of the night, I became just as much her confidante as the child’s caregiver. She confided in me that she blamed the loss of her sexuality and freedom on her child. She was desperate to get out of the life she had found herself in. She ended the night passed out drunk. I wanted to take the baby before this woman could screw her up any further. “I was convinced that I could do a better job of raising that child,” says Heder. “Of course, I didn’t steal the baby. But it raised the question for me … Who would?”

And with that, the strands of a movie began to merge.

TallulahIn 2006, Heder made a short film, Mother, from the idea. It consisted of the character of Tallulah meeting with an unstable woman in a hotel room, and ends with Tallulah taking the woman’s baby.

“Everybody who saw it asked, ‘What happens next?’” Heder says.

Mother won a Cinéfondation award for emerging filmmakers at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Heder then began to expand the story. And as she grew as a person, the script grew as well.

“Sometimes, when a project takes a long time to get made, it can be frustrating. But then you look back and see that it was actually helpful it took that long, because I had to evolve as a person and an artist,” says Heder. “When I first wrote the script for Tallulah, I was judgmental toward a certain kind of woman who I thought shouldn’t have kids. But by the time I made the feature, I became more like her, and in fact more like the other characters, too. Your perspective changes.”

Part of that perspective shift came with the filmmaker becoming a mother herself. “At about the same time I found out the movie was green-lit, I found out I was pregnant with my second child,” says Heder.

As the film started shooting in summer 2015, Heder had even more experience to draw from.

“When the movie was being shot, I was six months pregnant and also had a 16-month old daughter,” she says. “So there’s a lot about identity as a woman in the movie, and how we struggle with our perception of ourselves: Who we’re supposed to be versus who we feel like. I found I had a great deal of empathy for all of the characters — and when you feel for the person who is supposed to be your villain, it’s fascinating. When I first wrote the script, Carolyn was just a clear-cut bad mom. And it ended up being a more complex look at parenthood, and how complicated that is.”


Tallulah may be named after the character who drives the story, but at its heart, Heder says, is “A triptych of archetypal women” – Tallulah, Margo and Carolyn.

“All of these characters are morally ambiguous,” says Heder. “I like that the person you’re rooting for is a kidnapper, while the ‘villain’ is a mom who had her child stolen — and you grow to care about her, too. And Margo is someone who thought she had her life all planned out, but is in fact someone who hasn’t taken responsibility for her life.”

“I like it when the audience realizes that they care about everybody in the film, because then there’s no easy outcome,” Heder continues. “The film is about those crossroads in our lives, the moment we think we’ve hit rock-bottom. I was interested in exploring a much more complex and complicated view of what that experience is, and I used these three women to be different facets of that conversation.”

TallulahTo bring the character of Tallulah to life, Ellen Page taps into the razor-sharp intelligence audiences have come to expect from the Oscar-nominated star of Juno. The actress is always able to find the soulful-butyouthful point where self-resolve and survival blends with selflessness and soul. But when Heder first started writing the script for Tallulah, she thought it might be a bit too early for Page to jump aboard.

“Ellen was someone whose work I always loved, but when I began the project, she was too young,” says Heder. “But that was another benefit to the film coming together later. Ellen had read the script and we met and clicked right away. I knew that the part of Tallulah could be a bit unlikeable – when we first encounter her, she’s a thief and a scam artist who makes questionable choices — so I wanted someone who felt a bit feral, yet also had charm and charisma to counteract the questionable morality.”

“Ellen is also just so funny and dry, and has such a great wit and a lot of charm and warmth. So I knew all that would help to bring Tallulah to life,” adds Heder.
“My friend that I based the character on had this winning way about her — she could go up to a food truck and say ‘Hey, can I have some of that,’ and people would just give her stuff! She had a kind of magical aura about her, and I was looking for an actress who had that, as well as an emotional depth to go to this wounded place. Ellen had all of that.”

“This is one of those roles that was brand new to me,” says Page. “I had never really read a character like Lu before. She’s very unique.”

“Tallulah had a lot of trauma in her life, and has clearly spent her life running from the pain she feels,” adds Page. “And when she sees this baby, who hasn’t had pain yet in her life, she bonds with her.”

“Tallulah is sort of forced to stop and love something that ends up connecting to her, and loving her back,” Page continues. “And that makes her open up and understand herself a little bit more. And understand that maybe it’s okay to need people, and that maybe people need to rely on you, too.”

For the role of Margo, Heder needed an actress who had a similar duality. Enter Allison Janney. “Allison is also very funny and has a dry wit and intelligence to her, but she also has a big deep emotional well, and I loved that,” says Heder. “To me, her performance here is a master class on acting.”

Says Janney, “Margo is desperate for connection when Tallulah shows up. She’s stuck and can’t move forward, and Lu and the baby help Margo open her life. I felt for her, and I loved her journey.”

Both Janney and Page threw themselves into their roles – literally: For one crucial moment in the film that finds Margo experiencing a giddy sense of floating in a park, Janney scaled the heights. “Allison was 50 feet in the air in Washington Square Park, dangling off of the most sketchy-looking filmset rig you’ve ever seen,” laughs Heder. “I had it set up for a green screen, and had a stunt double, but Allison was the one who wanted to do it. She did it about 7 or 8 times! It was really hard. At one point she got stuck up there as the crew was going to lunch. She yelled, ‘You all go to lunch, I’m fine here!’”

Page, too, dove right in.

“For one scene, Ellen actually dove into the Hudson River – I wouldn’t have done that,” says Heder. “But she was up for it. These actors are so professional and with such great experience, but they were also totally game for everything, take after take.”

A different kind of tightrope walk was needed for the character of Carolyn.

“That was hardest part to cast, in many ways,” says Heder. “Carolyn has to be an almost repulsive character with dark and ugly aspects to her, but then we have to see humanity in her. She’s sort of the movie’s Id, a crazy representation of a feeling that a lot of parents have. And I was looking for an actress who had the chops to be all those things and yet not judge the character. I wanted to find someone who understood that Carolyn was a complicated person.”

Heder found everything the character needed in Tammy Blanchard.

Explains the filmmaker, “Tammy’s someone who I think really really understood the role. She didn’t judge the character at all, and in fact had so much love and compassion for her, which is important.

“Plus, Tammy is sexy, with a sort of Marilyn Monroe quality. But there’s also the sense that you don’t know as the scenes go on what Carolyn might do. Tammy was also able to bring something dangerous.”

There’s an additional role that’s crucial to understanding the complexity of Tallulah: The New York police officer Detective Kinnie, played by Uzo Aduba, best known for her portrayal of “Crazy Eyes” Warren on Orange is the New Black.

“Detective Kinnie and Crazy Eyes couldn’t be more different,” laughs Heder. “Uzo as a person is very earthy, and Kinnie is in many ways the conscience of the movie.”

“I wanted someone who felt like this straight-talking ‘Voice of Truth,’ and I knew Uzo could come in and make a small part really feel like a fully-lived person,” adds Heder. “We spoke about how when people have a job like that, watching out for family disputes and child endangerment, there’s a way you could become desensitized. And this is a case that sort of throws the detective off her bearings.”

TallulahFor the role of Margo’s ex-husband, Heder knew the close-knit cast would benefit from friendship.

“Ellen and Allison have a long history since costarring in Juno and Touchy Feely,” says Heder. “And it made my job easier in creating the way they spark to each other in the film. Similarly, Allison and John Benjamin Hickey (TV’s The Good Wife, Broadway’s Cabaret) have been best friends for 25 years. I wanted this feeling of Allison and John having a rich history as a couple.”

“So I knew that we would be able to feel like these people had been married, and have all these emotions and connections and love under the anger,” Heder says.

To play the boyfriend of Margo’s ex-husband, Heder turned to one of her own old pals: Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Margin Call, Broadway’s The Glass Menagerie).

“Zach has been one of my closest friends for years,” says Heder. “We went to Carnegie Mellon together, and made a short film together years ago. He’s also a phenomenal actor, of course, so it was perfect.”

Adds Heder, “I wanted every character to feel like they were there for a reason, and hiring great actors does that.”

TallulahHeder – who wrote the film before she was a mom, began directing it when she was pregnant a second time, and locked the final print on the very day she went into labor – finds something poetic in so many aspects of the film. That includes the scene that started it all.

“The wild part is, when I went to shoot the feature, the scene that was the short film was virtually unchanged,” says Heder. “It’s based on a real thing in my life. The dialogue had even come from my life.”

Heder says that bringing all of her characters to a place they all belong was deeply satisfying.

“Each character gets the very things they needed,” says Heder. “Tallulah is scrappy and resourceful, but she was missing a family, and in the end she has that. Margo, you get the sense, has been awakened to the fact that she’s responsible for her own happiness. And Carolyn had to have the most important thing in her life ripped away from her in order to look inside herself and realize she loves her child.”

“Each of these women become transformed in the way they needed to be transformed.”

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Netflix veröffentlicht den ersten offiziellen Trailer und das erste Poster zu Sian Heders Regiedebüt »Tallulah«

NetflixNetflix hat den ersten offiziellen Trailer sowie das erste Poster zu Sian Heders Regiedebüt »Tallulah« mit Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Tammy Blanchard, Evan Jonigkeit, Zachary Quinto, John Benjamin Hickey und Uzo Aduba veröffentlicht, welches ab dem 29. Juli weitweit über den Streamingdienst verfügbar sein wird. Den Trailer gibt es jetzt bereits in verschiedenen Sprachen, was die Vermutung nahe legt, dass auch der Film gleich in einer synchronisierten deutschen Fassung erscheint.

Der Netflix Original Film Talullah wurde von Sian Heder (Orange is the New Black) geschrieben, die zugleich Regie führte. Die Protagonistin des Filmes ist die junge Vagabundin Lu (Ellen Page - Roller Girl, Inception), die in ihrem Auto lebt und ein karges, jedoch äußerst unabhängiges Leben von der Hand in den Mund lebt. Sie gerät durch Zufall in eine Situation, in der sie impulsiv entscheidet, ein Baby vor seiner nachlässigen Mutter zu „retten“. Dieser Vorfall stellt ihr gesamtes Leben auf den Kopf und veranlasst Lu dazu, sich an den einzigen verantwortungsbewussten Erwachsenen zu wenden, den sie kennt: Margo (Allison Janney – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ganz weit hinten), die fälschlicherweise glaubt, die Großmutter des Babys zu sein. Tammy Blanchard (Into the Woods, Die Kunst zu gewinnen – Moneyball), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Girls), John Benjamin Hickey (Good Wife, Manhattan) und Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black, The Wiz Live!) gehören ebenfalls zur Besetzung.

Tallulah Poster

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Ellen Page besucht die Premiere von »Into the Forest« in Los Angeles und bekommt Titelstory im Brooklyn Magazine

Am 22. Juni feierten A24 und DirecTV die Video on Demand-Veröffentlichung von »Into the Forest« mit einem Premierenevent im ArcLight Hollywood Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles. Zu den geladenen Gästen gehörten neben Ellen Page und ihren Kostars Evan Rachel Wood sowie Max Minghella auch Branchenkollegen und Kolleginnen wie Niki Koss, Emile Hirsch, Milauna Jackson, Madelaine Petsch, Gabriel Jarret, Moniqua Plante, Carrie Lazar, Maria Bertrand, Lauren Shaw und Meagan Tandy.

Into the Forest - Los Angeles PremiereInto the Forest - Los Angeles Premiere
Into the Forest - Los Angeles PremiereInto the Forest - Los Angeles Premiere

Während der Presseveranstaltung am selben Tag setzte sich das Trio außerdem mit zahlreichen Journalisten zusammen um über den aktuellen Film zu sprechen. Bislang haben allerdings nur die Filmfreunde von We Got This Covered ihr Video ins Netz gestellt. Die Webseite ging wiederum noch einen Schritt weiter und machte mit Page und Wood einen Live-Chat über Facebook, bei welchem die Fans spontane Fragen einreichen konnten. Beide Videos sind unten entsprechend eingebettet und warten darauf angeschaut zu werden!

Update - 28. Juni 2016

Das Brooklyn Magazine wird die Titelstory seiner kommenden Juli/August 2016 Ausgabe übrigens einer der "privatesten Persönlichkeiten des öffentlichen Lebens in Hollywood, der majestätische Ellen Page" widmen. Während die Printausgabe in der nächsten Woche in den Handel kommt, kann man jetzt bereits den Artikel auf der offiziellen Webseite nachlesen, welcher neben vielen Informationen rund um die kanadische Schauspielerin auch mit einem wunderschönen, neuen Fotoshooting von Amanda Friedman aufwahrtet.

Amanada Friedman - Brooklyn Magazine PhotoshootAmanada Friedman - Brooklyn Magazine PhotoshootAmanada Friedman - Brooklyn Magazine PhotoshootAmanada Friedman - Brooklyn Magazine Photoshoot

Datum: 23.06.2016 - 22:32:53 Verfasst von Dominik
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Ellen Page äußert sich in der Talkshow "Chelsea" zum Massaker in Orlando / Neuer US-Trailer zu »Into the Forest«

Nach einigen anderen Prominenten hat sich nun auch Ellen Page zum Massaker im Schwulen-Nachtclub Pulse in Orlando geäußert, bei dem es am vergangenen Sonntag 49 Tote und 53 Verletzte gab und welches als bislang schlimmste Massenschießerei in der Geschichte Amerikas gilt. In Chelsea Handlers gleichnamiger Netflix Talkshow "Chelsea" machte die kanadische Schauspielerin die wiederkehrende Gewaltbereitschaft gegenüber der LGBT Gemeinschaft zum Teil für diese Tragödie verantwortlich.

"Die Realität ist, dass Gewalt gegen LGBT-Menschen eine gewöhnliche Sache ist. Hass-Verbrechen gegenüber LGBT-Menschen. Extreme anti-homosexuelle, anti-bi und anti-transgender Rhetorik schafft eine vergiftete Stimmung, welche am Ende zu Hass und Gewalt zwischen den Menschen, Mobbing und Missbrauch führt, und dies muss endlich aufhören." Mit emotionaler Stimme und den Tränen nahe fügte sie schließlich hinzu: "Diese Menschen müssen sich durchkämpfen, verdienen es jedoch ohne Angst frei leben und lieben zu können."

Netflix - ChelseaNetflix - Chelsea

Chelsea wiederum drängt auf Veränderungen mit Hinblick auf Angriffswaffen, die sich (zu) leicht beschaffen lassen. "Egal ob man an die Notwendigkeit von Schusswaffen glaubt oder nicht, was auch immer wir tun greift momentan nicht. Deshalb sollten wir den Dialog suchen und darüber diskutieren wie wir das Land wieder in Ordnung bringen und was wir dafür tun müssen", kommentierte die Moderatorin. "Sie sollten verboten werden. Menschen streiten sich hin und wieder, wenn jemand einen Kommentar auf Twitter schreibt. Sie berufen sich auf den zweiten Zusatzartikel zur Verfassung (Anmerkung: Dieser stammt aus dem Jahr 1791 und verbietet der Regierung, als Teil der Bill of Rights, das Recht auf Besitz und Tragen von Waffen einzuschränken), doch wir sprechen an dieser Stelle von Angriffswaffen. Der Besitz einer solchen sollte nicht notwendig sein nur um sich selbst verteidigen zu können. Zu keinem Zeitpunkt sollte der zweiten Zusatzartikel einen schönen Abend in einem Tanzclub in den Hintergrund drängen. Es sollte einfach keine Zwang und Grund geben überhaupt bewaffnet zu sein."

In der Folge am Donnerstag ging es allerdings nicht ausschließlich um den jüngsten Vorfall in Orlando. Handler wollte wissen wie Page Entscheidungen für ihre Karriere trifft, woraufhin diese verriet: "Es ist gewöhnlicherweise eine Geschichte, die mich inspiriert, etwas das mich schon mein ganzes Leben lang beschäftigt oder das mich dazu veranlasst Dinge in einem anderen Blickwinkel zu sehen, oder eine Figur, die sich einzigartig anfühlt." Mit Hinblick auf die aktuellen Dreharbeiten zur zweiten Staffel von VICELANDs Show »Gaycation« erklärte die Schauspielerin sie sei dankbar über die Möglichkeit die LGBT Gemeinschaften rund um den Globus zusammen mit ihrem besten Freund Ian Daniel erkunden zu können. "Ich danke den Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, die so unglaublich viel durchmachen und bereit waren ihre Geschichten mit uns zu teilen."

Zu den anderen Gästen auf der Couch gehörten die US-Schauspieler Florence Henderson und Handlers Lieblingslehrer Mrs. Schectman aus der dritten Klasse. Einer der Gründe warum Ellen zu dieser Runde eingeladen wurde, war die Tatsache, dass auch ihre eigene Mutter als Lehrerin tätig war. Obwohl sich ihre Wege in der Schule niemals kreutzen, wusste sie, dass ihre Mutti eine "großartige Lehrkraft" war, wie Page zu Beginn ihres Auftritts erwähnte als man auf dieses Thema zu sprechen kam.

Da es zu den Grundprinzipien von EPO gehört hin und wieder über den Tellerrand hinauszuschauen, möchten wir euch die folgende Information nicht vorenthalten: Ellens gute Freundin Lil MacPherson, welche zeitgleich auch die Mitinhaber ihres Lieblingsrestaurants "The Wooden Monkey" ist, hat die Webseite ins Leben gerufen und kanditiert für den Posten als Bürgermeister(in) von Halifax. Nun ratet mal wer eine der ersten Unterstützungserklärungen in schriftlicher Form abgegeben hat?! Auch wenn der Großteil unserer Webseitenbesucher wohl außerhalb von Nova Scotia lebt und sich nur am Rande oder überhaupt nicht für die örtliche Regierung beziehungsweise die bevorstehenden Wahlen im Oktober interessiert, halten wir Ellens leidenschaftliche Fürspräche dennoch für lesens- und erwähnenswert!

Lil MacPherson For Mayor | Halifax Regional Municipal Election 2016

Und abschließend freuen wir uns noch über den neuen US-Trailer zu »Into the Forest« von DirecTV, in dem bislang nicht gezeigte Szenen aus dem Film enthalten sind! Patricia Rozemas postapokalyptischen Survival-Drama wird bekanntlich in der kommenden Woche, genauer gesagt am 23. Juni, vom zuvor genannten US-amerikanischen Pay-TV-Anbieter als VOD (Video On Demand) veröffentlicht, bevor am 22. Juli der Kinostart in New York und Los Angeles erfolgt. Abgesehen von den beiden, im vorangegangenen Artikel erwähnten Vorstellungen beim Filmfest München sind derzeit keine weiteren Starttermine in Deutschland bekannt. Wer nicht länger warten möchte, holt sich am besten für etwa 20 Euro die DVD aus Schweden, welche dort am 26. Juni erscheint!

Datum: 16.06.2016 - 23:40:55 Verfasst von Dominik
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»Into the Forest« kommt in die kanadischen Kinos / »Tallulah« feiert seine internationale Premiere in London

Anlässlich des Kinostarts von »Into the Forest« in Kanada am 3. Juni traf sich Ellen mit Regisseur Patricia Rozema um in Toronto in der ersten Juniwoche einige Pressetermine wahrzunehmen. Neben Interviews mit ET Canada, etalk, The National, InnerSpace, Breakfast Television Toronto, Daily Hive, Daily VICE sowie The Watchlist standen dabei auch Auftritte bei CBC Radios "Q" mit Shadrach Kabango und der Roz & Mocha Show des Senders KiSS 92.5 auf dem Programm.

Am Mittwoch Abend besuchte das Duo außerdem ein besonderes "Advance Screening" des Films im örtlichen Cineplex Odeon Varsity Theatre und standen anschließend im Rahmen eines Q&A dem Publikum Rede und Antwort. Im weiteren Verlauf der Woche veröffentlichte die unabhängige Nachrichtenagentur Canadian Press darüber hinaus einen umfangreichen Artikel mit vielen Einblicken und Hintergrundinformationen. Darin ist beispielsweise erwähnt wie Ellen während eines Besuchs in ihrer Heimatstadt Halifax auf die Novelle von Jean Hegland aufmerksam wurde, wie sich zwischen ihr und Kostar Evan Rachel Wood eine tiefe Verbundenheit und Freundschaft entwickelt hat und wie intensiv sich die beiden auf die Dreharbeiten vorbereitet haben. Zu letzterem gehörte unter anderem eine strikte Diät um den wachsenden Hunger der Charaktere zu erfahren wenn die Vorräte allmählich schwinden, die eingeschränkte Benutzung von TV und Computer um ein Gefühl der Isolation zu erzeugen und einem gewissen Luxus beraubt zu sein, die Erlernung von wesentlichen Tanzschritten und grundsätzlichen Überlebenstechniken wie etwa die Häutung eines wilden Tieres. Trotz des ohne Zweifel prallvollen Terminplans fand Ellen dann auch noch Zeit um eine kurze Videobotschaft für Pride Toronto zum LGBT Pride Month aufzunehmen..

Alle genannten Informationen und Gespräche könnt ihr übrigens im englischen Pressearchiv, im Audiobereich und über unsere YouTube Playlist nachlesen, anhören und anschauen!

Filmfest Muenchen 2016Wir freuen uns ebenfalls sehr darüber, dass Rozemas apokalyptisches Drama am 25. und 27. Juni im "Spotlight" Programm des Filmfest München laufen und dort seine Deutschlandpremiere feiern wird! Karten für beide Vorstellungen können mittlerweile über den offiziellen Ticket Webshop für 9,00 beziehungsweise 6,50 Euro (ermäßigt) online erworben werden. Dank des Verleihers Njutafilms kommt es am 27. Juni in Schweden übrigens unmittelbar danach zur DVD-Premiere. Über weitere Veröffentlichungen hierzulande ist weiterhin nichts bekannt, aber vielleicht bringt die Veranstaltung in Bayern frischen Wind und neue Impulse zu dieser Angelegenheit. In der Zwischenzeit konnten wir 12 neue Filmstills ergattern, wobei davon bisher nur eine Handvoll der Galerie hinzugefügt worden sind. Hintergrund ist, dass das restliche Bildmaterial für die Verwendung im Rahmen des US-Releases vorgesehen ist und aus diesem Grund bis zum 23. Juni zurückgehalten wird. Am besagten Donnerstag könnt ihr euch dann auf weitere tolle Aufnahmen von Ellen und ihren Mitstreitern freuen!

Into the Forest - StillsInto the Forest - Stills
Into the Forest - StillsInto the Forest - Stills

Sundance Film Festival: London

Parallel zu den Ereignissen in Kanada fand am 2. Juni die internationale Premiere von »Tallulah« während des Sundance London Film Festival statt, zu der auch Regisseurin Sian Heder und Produzentin Heather Rae anreisten. Gemessen an den Berichten und Kritiken (siehe auch unsere Zusammenfassung der Pressestimmen unten), kam das Drama sowohl beim Festivalpublikum als auch bei der britischen Presse wunderbar an.

Tallulah - Sundance London 2016Tallulah - Sundance London 2016

Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass sich dieser Trend fortsetzt wenn Heders Regiedebüt ab dem 29. Juli weltweit über Netflix verfügbar sein wird und die liebeswerte, bodenständige, talentierte und eloquente Filmemacherin am Ende die Aufmerksamkeit, Anerkennung und Erfolgsbilanz bekommt, welche sie verdient! Ihr könnt euch an dieser Sache übrigens schon jetzt aktiv beteiligen, in dem ihr diesem Link folgt und den Film auf eure "Liste" setzt und somit für eine spätere Wiedergabe kennzeichnet (#80093198)! Und zu guter Letzt, quasi zum krönenden Abschluss, gibt es noch 7 brandneue Stills von »Tallulah«, welche wir mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Netflix als erste Webseite überhaupt ins Netz stellen konnten!

Tallulah - StillsTallulah - Stills
Tallulah - StillsTallulah - Stills

»Tallulah« - Sundance London Film Festival - Pressestimmen
"The three lead performances are uniformly excellent, but Blanchard delivers the standout. The plucky charm of Page’s previous roles translates well into Lu’s impecunious nomad, shunning the care of others until she is ill-equipped to care for someone herself. Similarly, a dream sequence that both Lu and Margo experience feels like a strange atonal choice on Heder’s part, out of step with the rest of her film. But Tallulah is a confident, heartfelt debut that explores the roles and choices of real women, even if those choices are unlikely ones. [...] Similarly, a dream sequence that both Lu and Margo experience feels like a strange atonal choice on Heder’s part, out of step with the rest of her film. But Tallulah is a confident, heartfelt debut that explores the roles and choices of real women, even if those choices are unlikely ones." (7 out of 10) — Josh Franks, BadCantina

"Tallulah is a light-hearted, though also quite deep comedy-drama that involves from the off. There are three truly superb performances – Ellen Page secures her best role since her wonderful turn in Juno, a character who one looks upon both shamefully and with empathy. It’s a superb performance and she’s a joy to watch in every scene, as is the reliable Alison Janney, a character who actually shares a lot with Page’s – just managing to keep everything together at a time when she stands to lose everything. Then there’s Tammy Blanchard’s Carolyn, a character also struggling with her own demons and again a performance worthy of mention from her introduction as the slightly-slutty, confident, provided for ‘real housewife’ of Beverly Hills, to the tormented should we see during the film’s closing scenes. A highlight in the all three actresses’ already gleaming resumes. [...] Tallulah is wonderfully written, directed and acted - in fact debutant feature helmer Sian Heder's writing is exemplary thoughout, her direction solid, and as a debut feature as a whole, this really rather impresses." (4 out of 5) — Paul Heath, The Hollywood News

"Tallulah is written and filmed very much from a female perspective, with a woman director/screenwriter and three fine actresses at the centre of it. Ellen Page is as reliable and engaging as ever, Allison Janney demonstrates yet again that she’s one of the most criminally underrated actresses around and Tammy Blanchard shines in a role that could be over-cooked far too easily: as she delves deeper into the character, she shifts our attitudes from contempt to compassion." (3.5 out of 5.0) — Freda Cooper, MovieMarker

"Page and Janney are both on great form, and it’s a pleasure to see the two of them spar and bond across the film, Tallulah’s free spirit clashing with the older woman’s firmly set habits, taking comfort and security within her life’s rigid rules. Blanchard is a bit more one-note, all wispy voice and woozy smiles before giving way to hysteria, but there’s a nice appearance from Uzo Aduba as a child services worker on the case. If nothing else, it’s pretty delightful to see a film led so much by its women, a set of rounded, complex female characters pushing the men firmly into the wings. Heder’s direction offers a few whimsical indie touches in the film’s occasional floaty dream sequences, but for the most part Tallulah’s feet are firmly on the ground, tackling an outlandish scenario head-on." — Dominic Preston, Candid Magazine

"Carolyn initially appears an intolerable, self-absorbed wreck but Blanchard skilfully reveals her as a more wounded, sympathetic women than first appeared. The interactions between these complex women, as their lives intertwine, are a spectacle to behold and Heder’s calm, flowing direction allows each character space to breathe. Despite the contrivances of the narrative, this is a graceful, emotive, funny exploration of maternal love that is as strong a showcase as any for why we need to address the gender inequality surrounding film directors. [...] A graceful, emotive, funny exploration of maternal love that is as strong a showcase as any for why we need to address the gender inequality surrounding film directors." (4 out of 5) — Luke Channell, HeyUGuys

"Complex character writing weaves in restrained use of flashback and continually reveals new shades of grey in the triptych of women who are all superbly cast. Getting Page and Janney together again pays off hugely – the two have great chemistry in a surrogate mother/daughter relationship that remains distinct from that of Juno. [...] What could have been a run-of-the-mill TV movie achieves gravitas through developed character motivations and performances given room to breathe. Even when indulging in lighter comedic dialogue, Tallulah circles profound truths." (4 out of 5) — Rachel Brook, One Room With A View

"A welcome return to form for Ellen Page, Tallulah is a well-meaning examination of what it takes to be a mother and who should have the right to be a parent. There is a fair amount of hand-wringing too, but the performances make this very watchable." — Cassam Looch, Flickreel Review

"Janney and Page work wonderfully together on screen and both bring grounded and deeply personal performances in their roles. Janney in particular has an interesting plot thread which sees her trying to come to terms with her divorce and newly single life. [...] Unfortunately, despite the brilliant cast, the plot often becomes a lillte too absurd. A big part of this is to do with Page’s character. It feels throughout as though we are supposed to be sympathetic for her kidnapping, but Heder’s script feels like it’s missing just one tiny element to tip us to Tallulah’s side. Without this, at best you feel sorry that she’s gotten to the point of kidnapping, at worst she comes off as a conniving, selfish young girl who has no regard for anyone else as long as she manages to stay out of trouble. [...] Tallulah is an interesting if occasionally absurd story that is helped massively by it’s impressively strong cast. With just a little more time on screen Ellen Page could have catapulted the film to perfection, instead it sits neatly above average and still demands viewing." — Johnny Ellis, Red Carpet News TV

"Page and Janney are both fantastic in their respective roles, and it’s not hard at all to imagine Page being in the awards conversation come the end of the year. It’s another Oscar-worthy performance from Ellen Page, who really helps add the shades of grey to the moral dilemma in which Tallulah finds herself. [...] The film itself, however, has its flaws. There are some great light-hearted moments littered throughout, but these are at least equalled by the number of jokes that don’t land. And while it’s very much grounded in dramatic territory, it still would have been stronger if these moments had been more finely-tuned. [...] Yet it’s a strong film regardless, and one totally worthy of the global platform Netflix is able to give it." (3 out of 5) — Kenji Lloyd, Final Reel

"Heder shows no signs of nerves with her first feature, boldly creating a trio of women who are, initially, prickly at best, slowly fleshing them out to reveal each as altogether more complex and exploring notions of motherhood beyond traditional expectations. [...] Signs of Heder's TV work occasionally poke through, such as the desire to add a romance subplot involving Margo's doorman (Felix Solis) when the film would benefit from a leaner approach. An initial foray into magic realism also feels at odds with the rest of the action, although Heder ultimately stays true to the idea in a way many will find rewarding." — Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film

"In Tallulah, Sian Heder elicits superb performances from her lead actresses: Allison Janney, Ellen Page and a stunning Tammy Blanchard. Page and Janney have a natural rapport, a mother-daughter chemistry that's funny and touching; even though we know it is built on a lie. Page maintains an appealing quality that allows us to forgive Tallulah’s impulsive and destructive tendencies. Janney lends a heart-rending quality to Margo, a woman reeling from the confusion of losing both her husband and her son. [...] With surprising dashes of magical realism, calm direction and fluid film-making, Sian Heder has crafted a poignant film that's both sad and uplifting - a rueful look at the risks and gains found in our relationships with others and how these can change us. Beautifully acted and sensitively written, Heder's film is a bittersweet pleasure." — R.H. Zelen, /Garbage-file

Netflix - Tallulah

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