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Willkommen auf Ellen Page Online, der ersten und besten Fanseite über die kanadische Schauspielerin Ellen Page. Hier findest Du die neusten Nachrichten und Informationen, die größte Galerie im Netz, Videoclips, Filmtrailer, Wallpaper, eine Forencommunity und vieles mehr... Ich hoffe ihr schaut regelmäßig vorbei!

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TIFF 2015 Special - Die Weltpremieren von »Into the Forest« und »Freeheld« von Marcela Marquez

TIFF 2015Obwohl immer noch einige Updates zu den jüngsten Ereignissen auf der ToDo-Liste stehen, werden wir heute zunächst einmal das angekündigte und letztendlich längst überfällige Special zum TIFF 2015 liefern. Unsere Sundance 2013 Reporterin Marcela Marquez war im September nämlich auf dem lokalen Filmfestival und hat dort unter anderem die beiden Weltpremieren von »Into the Forest« sowie »Freeheld« besucht. Was sie dort alles erlebte, hat sie nun im nachfolgenden Beitrag einmal für uns zusammengefasst. Wir können Marquela gar nicht genug für ihren Einsatz und ihre Bemühungen danken. Es ist großartig wenn man als Fan auf diese Art und Weise all die anderen an so etwas teilhaben lässt und in diesem Zusammenhang sogar die eigenen Fotos und Videoaufnahme zur Verfügung stellt! Wir würden uns auch sehr freuen, wenn Marquelas Beitrag am Ende vielleicht eine Anregung für den oder anderen Besucher dieser Webseite wäre und wir in Zukunft noch mehr solcher Einsendungen erhalten, welche wir dann gerne mit allen anderen Fans teilen!

My TIFF 2015 von Marcela Marquez

Ready to Roll:
TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezI was vacationing in New Jersey when the tickets went on sale. I remember waking up at 8 in the morning to log on to the TIFF site. Tickets were going to go on sale at 9am. As soon as it turned 9, I clicked the purchase button. It immediately took me to a wait list! I was the 798th person! How is that possible!??! This was torture. I was panicking that I wouldn’t get a ticket for either this film or Freeheld! After waiting for about an hour, it was my turn and I was able to purchase both tickets! My excitement was through the roof! On the day of my flight, I honestly don’t know what I packed. I knew I wasn’t going to sleep or eat. I was just focusing on these two flicks and hoping to see my favourite human in the world: Ellen Page.
I currently live in Los Angeles, CA so I flew from LAX to TX to TOR. The travel time was pretty rough and I barely slept since I went to the airport straight from work. Once I got to Texas, I got a bit nervous because the two gates beside me had destinations to Alberta and Montreal and they were getting canceled due to weather. Everything was running smoothly, but my gate was hard to locate. I finally just sat and waited until an attendant came on shift with information. They finally announced that they would start boarding for the Toronto flight in a few minutes. I was so relieved. As I waited for the plane to arrive, I became friends with a cute old couple who were traveling to Halifax for the first time! I told them I’ve been there twice and told them the best human was from there and gave them a 101 course on Halifax and Ellen Page. They were even more excited for their trip! I finally landed and rushed to my friend’s place to drop my luggage and get a schedule of the festival. I attempted to take a power nap so I wouldn’t fall asleep in the film or by walking. I failed. I was too excited to sleep, so I headed to the theatre.

TIFF 2015 - Red Carpet - Roy Thompson Hall

Into the Forest (Samstag, 12. September - 20:30 Uhr)

Venue and Ellen Entrance
TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezI came into a rainy, chilly day in Toronto. Found my way as if I was there the day before. I began lining up for the first Ellen flick »Into The Forest« directed by the wonderful Patricia Rozema. I lined up about 3 hours in advance to get a good seat. People were already showing up to line up too, but I was still in the front so that was a relief. It was already around 8PM and Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood were running late. All of sudden Evan arrived. The crowd went wild! She stepped across the street to greet some fans. By then it was around 8:15 or so. Ellen Page arrived; the roar seemed to be much louder. Fans across the street were going nuts! Everyone by me was commenting on how tiny she is, how beautiful she is etc.
“She’s so cute!”, “Aw, she even says hi in the rain”, “She’s so awesome getting wet to say hi to her fans”, “She’s perfect”, “You think she will come to our side?”, “Aw she’s stepping on the curb to take a picture! So cute!” “Ellen I love you!” “Hi Ellen!”
These are some comments I heard from strangers on the line that stuck with me. Something creepy did happen though. When Ellen entered the theatre everyone kept hearing a loud chant in the back. The noise got louder and louder, the crowd got bigger and bigger. Turns out, we were getting hit with a protest. Around 200 people entered the blocked pathway where only Ellen and Evan were allowed. Police couldn’t even control this, but the protesters didn’t seem threatening so we just waited this out which delayed the premiere even more. It was a Middle Eastern protest holding up disturbing messages and images to stop violence in their countries. They just wanted us to hear them out and I am glad we did. We finally got the green light to enter the theatre around 9:30 PM, I was power walking with a friend to get a good seat. Of course, who is right in front of me? Ellen Page. That’s the second time this has happened. Where I walk and she’s like right there. She was giving an interview, I could see her wet hair, and noticed we were practically wearing the same jacket! So that was super cool. I then walked towards the stairs where they told us to go and got distracted when I saw her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas, her friends, Ian Daniel and Alia Shawkat (Whip It) standing right next to the step I was about to take. I remember stopping awkwardly and just staring at her girlfriend, then she noticed me looking at her and I ran like crazy. That was so embarrassing. The venue was absolutely beautiful. It felt like you were in the forest. There were branches above, trees everywhere, it was a small theatre but gorgeous. Just perfect for the showing! I happened to be in the front row, so I got a great view. I wore my Evan Rachel Would shirt and Evan immediately pointed at me and smiled while Patricia spoke. In the video clip sent to you, you can see the director (Patricia Rozema) introducing her cast one by one and Ellen Page being the last, the crowd goes wild again. All dressed in black and with a huge smile on her face, her producing debut! She looked adorable as ever!

Galerie Update: TIFF 2015 - »Into the Forest« World Premiere (TeamEPO)

This film was so different, so great, so believable, so artistic. This film caught me by surprise because there were scenes shown that I never imagined Ellen would do. It has been a while since she had been the main character of a film so this was just perfect. I was Ellen drunk. It was fabulous. The film seemed to take place in the future where technology revolved in everyone’s daily routine. Air screens would appear as phone calls or as TV etc. Eva (Evan) was the older sister, very quiet, to herself and a struggling dancer trying to make an audition. She would lock herself in a room and dance her routines repetitively (Not to mention the song she dances to is absolutely spectacular). Nell (Ellen) would be the young one trying to pass her SATs. She was also the flirt who falls for this guy and skips town to be with him, leaving her sister all by herself, talking back to her father, a very needy person. She goes from a slightly difficult person to an extremely mature person once they lose their father in a freak accident. Other intense things happen in between of course. I could go on and on about this movie. It is a must see.

Here are some parts of the film that I found to be brave and different from all of Ellen’s movies. Some parts she has played in the past to give you a whole perspective of this new role: (Victim of torture, archictect, pregnant teenager, anarchist, typical girlfriend, action figure, Sporty rollerskater, Young mother, bipolar teen, Torturer, foster child.)

TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezEllen was pretty much in every single scene and her performance was intense going from funny, stubborn, intelligent, flirty, emotional and more. Not only was she starring in the film, but also this was her first producing gig. When the film ended, a huge applause occurred when Ellen’s name appeared on screen. The cast was brought back on stage to get ready to answer some questions from the audience. To be honest throughout the entire movie my heart was racing due to the excitement, then it started to race because of what was happening in the film. The film kept me at the edge of my seat until the end. I was bit nervous and shaky when the film ended but I still wanted to see if I can have a moment and talk to the ladies and ask them a question. I had about 30 seconds. I was literally going blank. Then I finally thought of one. I asked my friend Chloe who I met in the line to videotape my question if I got picked. I don’t know how I got lucky to get picked but I did. Here is how the dialogue sort of went: (Trying to remember):

Me: This film was great but left me quite shaky, I’m actually terrified of the woods. –cutoff
Patricia: Then this must have been a nightmare for you! Look where you are, this venue looks like the forest haha! (Laughter)
Me: I know! –cutoff
Ellen: Wait, did you not read the title of this film…? (Laughter)
Me: I did! Haha anyways! There were a lot of intense scenes happening so I was wondering if there were any injuries behind the scenes maybe bugs? or splinters? Broken bones?

I don’t remember the response because it was so hectic and Ellen and Evan seemed to answer the question together so they overlapped in talking. (All videotaped).

Ellen: OH YES! Evan got attacked by mosquitoes. I have never seen so many bug bites in my life before.
Evan: All those calluses in the movie were real. It hurt a lot.
Patricia: Can you stand up for me? I want everyone to see your shirt. Me: OK, but I am having a terrible hair day. (I was. I was jetlagged). (Laughter)

Patricia also made me stand up in front of everyone, I showed them my Evan Rachel Would shirt Friends of the Children, and she explained the meaning of it. That was pretty rad.

Heard A24 is picking up this film. Thank goodness! I hope there will be more theatre releases of this movie. It was really effin good. Excuse my French.

TIFF 2015 - Theatre

Freeheld (Sonntag, 13. September - 21:30 Uhr)

Hi Ellen
TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezThis was a gala held at the Roy Thompson Theatre - Famous for being super glamourous. Top celebrities come here all the time, however it’s extremely difficult to meet them in person. I gave myself about 3 hours to line up, so I had a bit of time. I walked into the red carpet area to check out the place to find myself a spot to stand where I would see Ellen. Turns out by 3PM the entire TIFF rail was full! People had been waiting since morning! I can’t believe I didn’t step my game up. I had to figure out how to squeeze in somehow. I was losing hope, but eventually I stuck my arm somewhere and squeezed my way into a great spot! 6 hours later, no Ellen sighting, no one really. They were running so late! And there was a rumor that if I didn’t get seated by 9:30 they wouldn’t let me in the theatre. So I was panicking. I really wanted to see her and see the film! Michael Shannon arrived first, then Peter Sollett, then the real Dane Wells and Stacie Andree, then Julianne Moore. Ellen arrived at 9:15 haha! Her huge entourage stepped out of the black car. She came to the rail to sign some autographs and greet fans. My chances of my seeing her were slimming because her publicist was shuffling her from rail to rail so many fans were being skipped. All of sudden a huge chant began from both sides of the rails!
“ELLEN! ELLEN! ELLEN!” I was joining the chant so I forgot to videotape (Living in the moment). I got so lucky. The publicist had turned Ellen to the other side then switched her back to my side and her and I made eye contact right away. I gave her this look like ‘Please don’t skip me’ it worked! But she looked at me looking pretty overwhelmed with all the loud cheering, like in a good way. She seemed surprised. And she’s like “Whoa! Hi!” And then we took a selfie together. I remember her perfume smelling really good too haha. She was so cute! I found Ellen to be incredibly elegant. So well dressed, her tie was perfect, her hairstyle was so perfect, and most importantly this woman was smiling so hard. This was such a 360 compared to the last time when I saw her at Sundance when she looked so depressed. So sad to know what was hurting her back then, but glad to see her smiling and actually enjoying the red carpet and all of celebrity stuff now that she is herself. There was a big crowd behind me trying to get a glimpse of Ellen, it was actually getting a bit uncomfortable. It literally felt like a mosh pit. After I said my hello to Ellen, I rushed to the theatre to be let in. I regret doing that because I missed the rest of Ellen on the red carpet especially her debut with her girlfriend or with Stacie Andree. Such. A. Bummer!

TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezLuckily people weren’t let in yet, so I had to go to the very back of the line. And it took me around the entire building. It was so packed! They had Kleenex as their sponsor, which was intimidating. They were handing out tissues. I’m like is it seriously that sad?? I took 2. This theatre is beautiful, and so huge, but a small screen I must say. I got a balcony seat. Ellen, Julianne Moore, Peter Sollett, and Michael Shannon sat together under me to the right on another balcony. The introduction began with Peter introducing the present cast on stage. They gave the spotlight to the family they were portraying and everyone gave a standing ovation (even before the film had started).
Thank you Kleenex. They were right. This was absolutely needed. There were 3 scenarios that hit me in the heart real good. I felt like the film was a bit rushed though, I wish there was more scenes of the relationship between Stacie and Laurel about how they met and life in the house for a bit before the diagnosis. I can see how squeezing everything that happened in those years into a 90 min feature would be challenging of course. It’s devastating to see what happened to this couple. I feel like many people won’t see this film because it’s ‘Gay’ flick. I already experienced that in asking people about the film and talking about it. It’s frustrating to know that because it gives them a bigger reason to see this film!!! Once the film finished, everyone stood up and gave another standing ovation with the spotlight on the family and the cast.

These were the main points that hit the core emotionally.

Galerie Update: TIFF 2015 - »Freeheld« World Premiere (TeamEPO)

The Feels
TIFF 2015 - Marcela MarquezI was under the impression this had a Q&A but there wasn’t! Totally understandable though. People were so great throughout the film. The crowd felt the same feelings. We all rooted when Stacie (EP) kicked the guy’s ass in changing the tires, people were laughing out loud when Laurel pulled a gun in front of her first date with Stacie, then there was a huge clap when a cop came out to everyone at work and said “I’m going to the meeting to support people like me.” Looking around you see people weeping towards the end. I remember going to see this the 2nd time at the Arclight in Los Angeles and just out of curiosity I was staring at the people in front of me to see how they were taking this film. All I saw were people weeping. When the movie finished, I walked out of the theatre where I saw a lovely couple standing and the man asked his boyfriend/husband “So what’d you think?’ He answered, “Um…(sigh) yeah that was really emotional. That was really hard to watch…just everything that happened”. I couldn’t listen anymore because I didn’t want to make myself obvious.
I remember not understanding homosexuality back then, I wasn’t too exposed to it until college. I befriended a really nice, sweet, gay friend of mine. I didn’t know the abuse and discrimination it came with until he spoke to me about it. Since then I have felt nothing but love for the LGBT community. This film can affect anyone whether you’re straight, gay, trans. Imagine the love of your life leaving this world. I think what touched me the most was watching how protective and concerned Stacie was towards Laurel which I found to be so adorable. To know she is going to lose her partner any moment now and to have this pension issue occur in the middle of everything is incredibly hard to take in. Even if Ellen weren’t in the film, I would still watch this. This is so important to see and so heartbreaking.
We’ve come a long way though for the LGBT community which is a great sign. A big part of it is owed to Laurel Hester.

I’ve already seen this 3 times since TIFF. It’s amazing. It’s a must watch.

Datum: 21.10.2015 - 22:07:50 Verfasst von Dominik
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Ellen Page besucht das 11. Zürich Film Festival in der Schweiz und soll den National Vanguard Award erhalten

Nachdem sie »Freeheld« beim 63. San Sebastian Film Festival in Spanien vorgestellt hatte, reiste Ellen Page umgehend in die Schweiz wo sie ihre Promotionarbeit für Peter Solletts Drama beim 11. Zürich Film Festival am Freitag fortsetzte. Dort nahm sie an einer Pressekonferenz im kleineren Rahmen am Sechseläutenplatz teil und schloss den Tag mit einer Vorführung des Films im corso Kino am Abend ab. Während der Begrüßung auf der Bühne enthüllte sie auch, dass sie gerne noch bleiben würde um die Schönheit der Schweizer Hauptstadt zu entdecken, jedoch wieder so schnell wie möglich zurück in die Staaten müsse. Wie wir ja kürzlich erfahren haben, stehen nächste Woche TV-Auftritte in zwei bekannten Late-Night Shows an und mit Sicherheit wird es noch weitere Pressetermine im Rahmen des Kinostarts von »Freeheld« am 2. Oktober geben. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass die Kanadierin bei all dem Trubel auch etwas Zeit findet um einmal durchzuschnaufen. Einigen Journalisten zufolge wirkte sie während den Interviews nämlich sehr erschöpft und kämpfte noch sichtlich mit den Folgen des Jet-Lags – was man auf den Fotos auf den ersten Blick unserer Meinung nach aber nicht sofort erkennt.

Galerie Update: 11th Zurich Film Festival - »Freeheld« Press Conference
Galerie Update: 11th Zurich Film Festival - »Freeheld« Screening
Galerie Update: 11th Zurich Film Festival (Social Media)

11th Zurich Film Festival - Freeheld Press Conference11th Zurich Film Festival - Freeheld Press Conference
11th Zurich Film Festival - Freeheld Screening11th Zurich Film Festival - Freeheld Screening

Als akkreditierte Webseite haben wir Zugang zu Bild- und Filmmaterial, welches direkt vom Festival zur Verfügung gestellt wird, darunter offizielle Videoclips von der zuvor genannten Pressekonferenz sowie der Ankunft auf dem Roten Teppich im Vorfeld der Filmvorführung, welches wir an dieser Stelle gerne mit Euch teilen. Dank den Jungs vom Uncanny Book-Club, der besten, nicht-kommerziellen Community rund um Comichefte, Bücher und Filme in der Schweiz, gibt es außerdem ein Video aus dem Kinosaal als die Besucher aus Übersee auf der Bühne standen und einige Worte an das Publikum richteten. Alle drei Clips sind nachfolgend eingebettet!

Ellen Page soll übrigens im Rahmen des 19. alljährlichen HRC National Dinners am Samstag, den 3. Oktober im Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. den National Vanguard Award für ihre fortwährende Unterstützung der LGBT Gemeinschaft erhalten. Sie und US-Vizepräsident Joe Biden werden außerdem als Gastredner bei dieser Veranstaltung fungieren. Wir gratulieren ihr recht herzlich zu dieser Auszeichnung und hoffen sie wird dort einen schönen Abend haben! Unten ist ein Auszug aus der gestern veröffentlichten Presseerklärung zu diesem Thema.

Vice President Joe Biden to Deliver Keynote Address at the 19th Annual HRC National Dinner
September 25, 2015 by HRC staff

Ellen Page - 19th annual HRC National Dinner
In addition, Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page will be presented with an award by seven-time Emmy Award winner Allison Janney at the event highlighting the organization’s work fighting for full LGBT equality. Page has charmed audiences and critics with captivating performances in a wide range of films. In addition, Page – who made the bold decision to come out publicly at HRC’s first annual Time to THRIVE conference – continues to set a powerful example for LGBT and allied youth around the world. Her coming out speech was viewed more than a half-million times within the first 12 hours after the video was uploaded to HRC's YouTube page. Page will be introduced and presented the HRC National Vanguard Award by seven-time Emmy Award winner, Allison Janney, who has co-starred with Page in three films: Juno,Touchy Feely, and the to-be-released Talullah.

“Ellen Page has been an inspiration for LGBT youth around the world,” said Griffin. “Her willingness to speak her truth for all to hear, and to confront injustice against LGBT people, has made her a role model and there is no one more deserving of HRC’s National Vanguard Award. And it’s only fitting that the award will be presented by such a strong ally to our cause as Allison Janney."

Wie ScreenDaily erfahrt hat, steht für Ellen schon das nächste Projekt auf dem Plan. Sie soll angeblich eine noch namenlose, lesbische Liebesgeschichte produzieren und dabei an der Seite von Schauspielkollegin und Freundin Kate Mara auch als Darstellerin mitwirken. Wir werden Euch natürlich über alle weiteren Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden halten!

Datum: 26.09.2015 - 19:55:29 Verfasst von Dominik
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Ellen Page und »Freeheld« Regisseur Peter Sollett zu Gast beim 63. San Sebastian Film Festival in Spanien

Ellen Page ist heute Nachmittag beim San Sebastian Film Festival in Spanien angekommen und absolvierte dort zusammen mit Regisseur Peter Sollett zunächst einen Fototermin sowie eine Pressekonferenz zu »Freeheld«. Anlässlich einer Vorführung des Films im Kurssal Cinema, war sie anschließend am frühen Abend zusammen mit ihrer Freundin Samantha Thomas auf dem roten Teppich zu sehen. Fotos von diesen drei Ereignissen befinden sich bereits in der Galerie und sind über die nachfolgenden Links erreichbar!

Galerie Update: 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - »Freeheld« Photocall
Galerie Update: 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - »Freeheld« Press Conference
Galerie Update: 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - »Freeheld« Screening
Galerie Update: 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival (Social Media)

63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - Freeheld Photocall63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - Freeheld Press Conference
63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - Freeheld Screening63rd San Sebastian Film Festival - Social Media

Für diejenigen unter Euch welche EPO derzeit nicht auf Twitter und/oder Facebook folgen, ist hier noch ein Hinweis zu Ellens nächsten TV-Auftritten. Sie wird in der kommenden Woche, genauer gesagt am Dienstag, 29. September kurz vor Mitternacht amerikanischer Zeit bei »The Late Show with Stephen Colbert« sowie am darauffolgenden Donnerstag, also am 1. Oktober, bei »Late Night with Seth Meyers« zu sehen sein. Da die Sendungen mit Sicherheit die wenigstens deutschsprachigen Besucher sehen können, werden wir natürlich wie immer Videos davon posten!

CBS - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
NBC - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Datum: 24.09.2015 - 22:00:31 Verfasst von Dominik
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Weltpremiere von »Into the Forest« beim TIFF / Ellen beantwortet Fan-Frage von Mireille / Pressestimmen zum Film

TIFF 2015 - Into the Forest Weltpremiere - 12. September 2015Okay Leute, es ist mal wieder Zeit für ein Update! Am vergangenen Wochenende haben wir den Fokus auf die sozialen Netzwerke verlagert um Euch über alle Neugikeiten rund um das diesjährige TIFF auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Dies war ein notwendige Schritt, da Updates wie dieses immer mehrere Stunden Zeit in Anspruch nehmen (erst recht da sie auf Englisch und auf Deutsch ausgearbeitet werden) und uns in der Zwischenzeit bestimmt einiges entgangen wäre, was dann wiederum hätte aufgearbeitet werden müssen.

Doch nun sind wir zurück mit einer Zusammenfassung der ersten Tage des Festivals inklusive der Weltpremiere von »Into the Forest« am 12. September. Neben den beiden Hauptdarstellerinnen Ellen Page und Evan Rachel Wood nahmen auch die Schauspieler Callum Keith Rennie und Michael Eklund, Schauspielerin Wendy Crewson, die Regisseurin Patricia Rozema mit ihrer Tochter Jacoba sowie Autorin Jean Hegland an diesem Event im Elgin Theatre teil. Während einzig Schauspieler Max Minghella an diesem Abend fehlte, erschien auch Schauspielerin Alia Shawkat auf dem roten Teppich um ihre langjährige, kanadische Freundin zu unterstützen.

TIFF 2015 - Into the Forest Weltpremiere - 12. September 2015Mangels Berichten und Videos von der Premierenvorstellung weiß ich leider nicht ob es Standing Ovations gab oder wie er allgemein beim Publikum angekommen ist. Hoffentlich kann Marcela diesbezüglich in Kürze entsprechende Einblicke liefern. Was ich jedoch weiß ist, dass das postapokalyptischen Survival-Drama durchweg gute Kritiken bekommen hat, wobei die Performances von Page und Wood in der Regel besonders hevorgehoben wurden. Anscheinend ist es ihnen gelungen die innige Verbundenheit der beiden Schwestern überzeugend darzustellen und konnten dadurch auch eine Brücke zum Publikum schlagen, welches somit um einiges leichter verstehen kann was passiert wenn die heutige Gesellschaft verfällt, viele Dinge, die wir als selbstverständlich betrachten, Stück für Stück aufhören zu existieren und das Leben von dem man immer geträumt hat plötzlich zur reinen Utopie wird.

Angesichts der positiven Reaktionen der Presse sowie der zeitlosen Thematik des Films war es letztendlich wenig überraschend, dass sich der Verleiher A24 nur wenige Tage später die Filmrechte für Nordamerika gesichert hat. Während es zu diesem Zeitpunkt jedoch noch keinerlei Angaben zu einem eventuellen Kinostart gibt, plant Elevation Pictures einige so genannter "Advance Screenings" in Kanada, welche vor dem nachfolgenden Kinostart in ein paar Monaten stattfinden sollen. Mittlerweile hat der Film übrigens auch in anderen Ländern Beachtung gefunden und wird auf dem 20. Busan International Film Festival in Südkorea sowie beim 48. Sitges Film Festival (auch bekannt als Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya) in Spanien zu sehen sein.

Was mir vom vergangenen Wochenende auf jeden Fall bestens in Erinnerung bleiben wird, sind nicht nur die 10 Stunden Schlaf, welche ich über drei Tage hinweg hatte, sondern auch die Frage von EPOs Mireille Lanser, welche von Ellen in einem Video des The Hollywood Reporter beantwortet wurde. Im Vorfeld des Festival gab die Zeitung nämlich bekannt einige Fan-Fragen an die Stars weiterzureichen, welche während des Events in der THR TIFF Lounge vorbeischauen würden, und rief zu entsprechenden Einsendungen über Facebook auf. Es war in der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag kurz vor 4 Uhr und ich war schon auf dem Weg ins Bett als das Video auf meinem Bildschirm auftauchten, welches zu diesem Zeitpunkt rund eine Stunde zuvor auf veröffentlicht worden ist. Ich habe Mireille daraufhin sofort über Facebook angeschrieben und sie gefragt "OMG, OMG OMG, are you sitting down?". Als ihr dann die freudige Neuigkeit mitteilte, war sie natürlich total aus dem Häuschen (wer wäre das nicht) und wir machten uns sofort daran den Link mit unseren Followern zu teilen - wodurch ein sowieso schon langer Tage am Ende noch länger wurde. Alle aus dem Team EPO inklusive Wayne und Trisha haben sich mit Mireille gefreut, da sie dies total verdient hat. Nicht nur weil sie seit ein paar Wochen ebenfalls Teil des Teams ist, sondern auch weil sie eine der liebenswürdigsten und außergewöhnlichsten Personen ist, die wir je getroffen haben! Das Video sowie eine vollständige Mitschrift der Frage sowie Ellens Antwort gibt es unten.

The Hollywood Reporter - Fan Questions - September 12, 2015

What’s the best and what’s the worst thing about being an actress?

"The best part of it is acting. That’s what I love to do. To have the opportunity to work with someone like Evan; who, when you are doing a scene with, you feel utterly and completely present with. Seperated from the reality that surrounds you. It’s a really extraordinary feeling. And when I would say the worst part is, I don’t know. I think it’s hard. I think I feel so lucky, and so privileged to do something I love, and to be paid to do it. And to get to travel, and meet and work with incredible people. I feel I would be a jerk to be complaining about anything."

Da unsere neue Video-Galerie weiterhin in Vorbereitung ist und wir keine weitere Zeit und Mühen in die existierende Videosammlung stecken wollten, gibt es momentan noch keine neuen Videos hier auf der Seite. Bei Interesse könnt ihr allerdings die neusten Videos rund um das Festival in unserer ständig aktualisierten TIFF15 Playliste auf YouTube anschauen! Zum Schluss gibt es als besonderen Service nachfolgend noch eine Zusammenfassung aller Filmkritiken und Pressestimmen (wohlgemerkt in englischer Sprache) zu »Into the Forest« aus der zurückliegenden Woche!

»Into the Forest« - Pressestimmen
"The performances by the principal actresses play a big part in whether Into the Forest works or not, and so it’s an enormous credit to Page and Wood that many of the scenes play as well as they do. Page steals much of the spotlight due to the nature of her character, a more playful, silly, and outwardly emotional person. As an actor she’s already remarkably charming, but as Nell she makes her as endearing as possible without being overly cute about it [...] Fantastic - Set in an imaginable, only slightly futuristic apocalypse, Into the Forest is a compelling portrait of a sisterly bond in the wake of an existential crisis." (4.5 out of 5) — Darren Ruecker, We Got This Covered

"Page and Wood are terrific together, with all the symbiosis and friction expected of close siblings, but Nell’s and Eva’s interior lives are regrettably thin. As with her 1999 Jane Austen adaptation “Mansfield Park,” Rozema has an attraction to literary material, but despite her evident intelligence and sensitivity, she lacks the facility to bring it to specific cinematic life. Connecting the incidents in Hegland’s book gives “Into the Forest” plenty of dramatic kick, but the film leaves the impression that the characters’ full selves remain stubbornly on the page, as thoughts not translated into action." — Scott Tobias, Variety

"At times troubling and even frustrating (people aren't always likeable in these situations), this intimately observed portrait of two sisters finding strength in each other is a deeply moving testament to the nature of what remains of our identity when all of the noise and modern conveniences of the world are stripped away." (8 out of 10) — Robert Bell, Exclaim!

"Into the Forest succeeds on so many levels. It is the most sensuously filmed I have seen this year. Cinematographer Daniel Grant’s work is accomplished, menacing and breath-taking. Director Patricia Rozema has a history of bringing out the best in actresses. Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood sky-rocket. They bring out the best in each other in two very demanding roles with intensity, fervour and love. I was completely mesmerized watching these very talented performers." — George Kozera, MrWillWong

"Based on the Jean Hegland novel, Into the Forest is the first theatrical feature from Canadian filmmaker Patricia Rozema since 2008, and while it isn’t exactly a full-on return to form, it’s a well acted, gorgeously shot, and often interesting take on a rather tired and clichéd sort of post-apocalyptic fable. [...] It’s not perfect, but it’s a fine addition to the usually testosterone driven post-apocalyptic genre." — Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene

"Ellen Page does an admirable job of playing someone trying to make the best out of a bad situation while Evan Rachel Wood coolly portrays a diva. The perspective of the crisis never goes beyond the two girls which results in the audience being solely invested in them. [...] Filmmaker Patricia Rozema makes effective use of out of focus imagery to indicate an unwanted presence and cleverly shifts the framing to emphasize the emotional trauma a character is experiencing. If the pacing of the opening act had been maintained throughout Rozema would have crafted a tense thriller; however, the story drags on like catastrophe being depicted." (3 out of 5) — Trevor Hogg, Live For Films

"Page and Wood’s comfort around one another is truly remarkable; in the film’s clear standout sequence, Page bathes a nude Wood as she trembles like a leaf on a tree. Their verisimilitude as siblings suffers a bit from odd miscasting — there’s no way that Page is studying for her SATs — as well as the fact that Page and Wood don’t look like they could possibly share any DNA. For the most part, though, it’s easy to overlook this by virtue of their true-blue intimacy with one another." (B) — Charles Bramesco, Indiewire

"As a parable of resilience, the film is only as persuasive as one’s willingness to believe it. The performances help. Rennie could be any earnest father as he tries to protect his daughters and dies cutting wood for them. Page, playing headstrong Nell, is a tough fighter. Wood, radiant as a dancer who rehearses to her metronome, survives the extreme conditions and her own obsessional fantasies." — David D'Arcy, ScreenDaily

"Into the Forest is earnest, earthy, and a little bit silly, which is not an unwholesome combination. It’s also excellently acted by Page and Wood, neither of whom ever quite look as ragged as eight months off the grid would imply but still inhabit their roles with believable love and affection for one another. Rozema has spent the last decade or so lost in the industrial forest that swallows up Canadian auteurs; now, it looks as if she’s come out the other side." — Adam Nayman, Cinema Scope

"Into the Forest is therefore also a nail-biter of suspense asking if or when these two young girls will die. Starvation, boredom, stir-crazed lunacy, or uninvited guests could all supply this end and many come very close to doing exactly that. The journey is nuanced and subtle, though, just like its science-fiction premise. So don’t expect a thrill a minute. I think the slow pace, despite its usually active subject matter, tripped up many people because inappropriate laughter and walkouts occurred throughout the TIFF screening I attended. Conversely, I appreciated the gradual burn and the intelligence utilized to reject the appeal of going bigger. Personal conflict is more attuned to what I’d face in these circumstances than Mad Max spectacle." (B) — Jared Mobarak, The Film Stage

"Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood star as sisters who suddenly find their small little home in the woods thrust into darkness, and silence, as the power grid fails across North America. It doesn’t really matter why any of that happens–the film is really about what the sisters do next, and that’s what makes Into The Forest so fresh and exciting. The film nurtures their story, sows doubt, and then reaps the consequences with an ending that feels right on every level. While I can’t speak to the film’s success as an adaptation of the book, its a joy to watch." (3.5 out of 4) — W. Andrew Powell, Cinema Scope

"Into the Forest is the most insane movie I've seen in years, and I read the book. [...] If only the film were stronger. Its anti-technology message and epiphany is too over-the-top. It detracts from how perfect and believable Ellen and Evan are as sisters in crisis. They're two of the best actresses of their peer group, but this adaptation doesn't do them or the book justice. All it needed to do was pick a genre. Horror? Suspense? A relationship drama?" — Joanna Adams, Lainey Gossip

"Despite strong performances from Page and Evan Rachel Wood as sisters struggling for survival, Patricia Rozema’s adaptation of Jean Hegland’s popular novel struggles to grip [...] the problem with Rozema’s adaptation: their relationship isn’t that compelling. It’s revealed in clunky fashion through home movies, that Nell and Eva’s mother died not long ago of an unnamed disease. Their grief registers, yet the characters remain underdeveloped as people worth investing in. That’s not to discredit the work done by Page and Wood, both of whom go as deep as they can go with Rozema’s surface-level handling of the material (she also wrote the screenplay). Their sisterly bond is undeniable; it’s too bad that as individuals, they never manage to ring clear." (2 out of 5) — Nigel M Smith, The Guardian

"The actresses inhabit a wholly believable sibling dynamic, with Eva needing more nurturing than her sister and only really drawing nourishment from her dance sessions — beautiful episodes of abstract movement choreographed by Crystal Pite. Page, watchful and worried, carries responsibility on her shoulders without bitterness. [...] The Bottom Line: A high-caliber survival film focused on familial bonds over genre scares." — John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"Maybe the biggest surprise as I knew the least about it — is Patricia Rozema's Into the Forest. [...] What Rozema created is the image of a welcoming forest, of the possibility of a retreat and a new beginning, the beginning of a home. Forests were the beginnings of civilization. Once people left the caves they started to build shelters/homes with wood. When they hit the deserts, they invented monotheism (think of all the prophets who have their visions in the desert) and air-conditioning, the ultimate rebellion against nature. These two women take the next step that we all have to take sooner than later. Thank you, Patricia, for tying our laces!" — Jörn Weisbrodt, Luminato Festival

"Ellen Page (in her first starring role since Whip It) and Evan Rachel Wood are superb, particularly the latter in a couple of devastating scenes. Outside some moments of clumsiness at the beginning thanks to some goofy next generation tech, Into the Forest unfolds confidently. Whether it sticks the landing, it’s up to you to decide, but it’s a hell of a ride. Four soon-to-be-roasted prairie dogs." — Jorge Ignacio Castillo, Prairie Dog

"Watching her work here and in “Freeheld,” one notices something about Ellen Page—she’s always remarkably present. You can see her listening, thinking and responding to her fellow actors and the situations that confront her. She doesn’t seem forced. Wood is typically strong as well (she’s an underrated actress), but it’s Page’s journey from what almost feels like a teenager to the de facto leader of the house that I find the most interesting. Still, “Into the Forest” remains a near-miss despite the strong work by its two leads as, and this could be a flaw of the source material, it starts to feel unfocused and directorially thin. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if other people see enough in these two performances to feel otherwise." — Brian Tallerico, Roger

"As a pair of leads very much carrying the thing—with an appearance from the sympathetic Max Minghella—Page and Wood are completely capable. You might never have imagined them as siblings before, but their cut glass cheekbones and steady gazes feel entirely sisterly. [...] Though the seasons are oddly unchanging and there’s a little head-scratching logic in the last reel, the film provides a compellingly fresh addition to a growing End Of Days cinematic subgroup." — Carsten Knox, Halifaxbloggers

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Ellen Page auf dem Cover von NOW Toronto / Internationale Festival-Tour von »Into the Forest« und »Freeheld«

Fast 10 Jahre nachdem sie zum ersten Mal das Cover von NOW Toronto im November 2005 zierte, hat es Ellen erneut auf die Titelseite der aktuellen Ausgabe vom 3. September geschafft. Scans des Magazins wurden bereits am Erscheinungstag der Galerie hinzugefügt, die beiden Artikel "Dawn of a new Page" und "Q&A: Patricia Rozema on Ellen Page" können aber auch in voller Länge auf nachgelesen werden!

NOW Toronto - 3. September 2015 AusgabeNOW Toronto - 3rd September 2015 issueNOW Toronto - 3. September 2015 Ausgabe

Regelmäßige Besucher dieser Webseite werden sich mit Sicherheit noch an Marcela Marquez erinnern. Sie half als freiwillige Helferin beim Sundance Film Festival 2013 ausgeholfen und versorgte uns anschließend nicht nur mit Fotos und Videos sondern auch mit einem eigenen Bericht inklusive kurzer Filmkritiken zu »The East« und »Touchy Feely«. In Kürze wird sie sich nun auf den Weg nach Toronto machen und beim dortigen Filmfestival sowohl »Into the Forest« als auch »Freeheld« anschauen. Wir wünschen ihr viel Spaß und eine gute Zeit in Kanada und hoffen, dass sie wieder mit unvergesslichen Erlebnissen und jeder Menge Bildmaterial für uns zurückkommt!

Für alle diejenigen, die keine Karten bekommen haben oder schlichtweg keine Möglichkeit haben das zuvor genannte Event zu besuchen, gibt es nachfolgend eine detailierte Übersicht mit den internationalen Filmfestivals, auf denen Ellens neusten Filme ebenfalls zu sehen sein werden. Die wichtigste Info in diesem Zusammenhang vorweg: Ellen wird das Zürich Film Festival besuchen und bei der Vorführung von »Freeheld« am 25. September anwesend sein! Dies kann man schon fast als Novum bezeichnen, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie zuletzt im Jahre 2003 im Rahmen von »Mouth to Mouth« in Berlin und soweit im deutschsprachigen Raum war. Wer Ellen schon immer einmal live erleben wollte, sollte nicht lange zögern und sich pünktlich am 10. September auf die Jagd nach Karten machen! Obwohl sämtliche in den vergangenen Tagen veröffentlichten Termine mit großer Sorgfalt gesammelt und verarbeitet wurden, kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden, dass mir nicht doch das ein oder andere Datum durchgegangen ist. Wer also eine Veranstaltung kennt, welche noch nicht in der Auflisting erwähnt ist, kann gerne eine E-Mail an schicken oder mich über Twitter @ellenpagenet darauf aufmerksam machen. Die Angaben werden in den kommenden Tagen laufend aktualisiert werden, es lohnt sich also öfters mal vorbeizuschauen!

Into the Forest
19. September - 19:00 UhrKanadaAtlantic Film FestivalPatricia Rozema»»»
23. September - 21:30 UhrKanadaCinefest Sudbury Int. Film Festival»»»
24. September - 21:30 UhrKanadaCinefest Sudbury Int. Film Festival»»»
27. September - 19:00 UhrKanadaCalgary International Film Festival»»»
29. September - 18:15 UhrKanadaCalgary International Film Festival»»»
3. Oktober - 13:30 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
3. Oktober - 18:00 UhrKanadaVancouver International Film Festival»»»
5. Oktober - 14:00 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
7. Oktober - 19:00 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
8. Oktober - 11:00 UhrKanadaVancouver International Film Festival»»»
17. Oktober - 08:15 UhrSpanienSitges Film Festival»»»
17. Oktober - 20:15 UhrSpanienSitges Film Festival»»»
17. Oktober - 23:00 UhrSpanienSitges Film FestivalPatricia Rozema»»»
5. November - 19:30 UhrKanadaSouth Western Int. Film FestivalPatricia Rozema»»»
12. Dezember - 18:15 UhrItalienCourmayeur Noir in Festival»»»
(Zuletzt aktualisiert am 2. Dezember 2015)

21. September - 19:00 UhrUSAReeling Film Festival»»»
24. September - 9:00 UhrSpanienSan Sebastian Film FestivalPeter Sollett, Ellen Page»»»
24. September - 22:00 UhrSpanienSan Sebastian Film Festival»»»
25. September - 18:30 UhrSchweizZurich Film FestivalPeter Sollett, Ellen Page»»»
25. September - 20:45 UhrSpanienSan Sebastian Film Festival»»»
25. September - 23:00 UhrSpanienSan Sebastian Film Festival»»»
27. September - 18:00 UhrAustralienQueer Screen Film Fest»»»
28. SeptemberUSAArthouse Film Festival»»»
1. Oktober - 21:00 UhrSchweizZürich Film Festival»»»
2. Oktober - 19:00 UhrKanadaCalgary International Film Festival»»»
4. Oktober - 16:45 UhrKanadaCalgary International Film Festival»»»
4. Oktober - 19:15 UhrUSAOut on Film LGBT Film Festival»»»
4. Oktober - 20:00 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
6. Oktober - 21:00 UhrKanadaEdmonton International Film Festival»»»
7. Oktober - 20:00 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
8. Oktober - 19:15 UhrUSASeattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival»»»
9. Oktober - 13:00 UhrSüdkoreaBusan International Film Festival»»»
16. Oktober - 17:30 UhrAustralienAdelaide Film Festival»»»
18. Oktober - 19:30 UhrItalienFesta del Cinema di RomaPeter Sollett, Ellen Page»»»
18. Oktober - 20:00 UhrItalienFesta del Cinema di Roma»»»
19. Oktober - 22:30 UhrItalienFesta del Cinema di Roma»»»
20. Oktober - 17:00 UhrItalienFesta del Cinema di Roma»»»
22. Oktober - 22:30 UhrItalienFesta del Cinema di Roma»»»
24. Oktober - 17:30 UhrAustralienAdelaide Film Festival»»»
26. November - 18:50 UhrTaiwanTaipei Golden Horse Film Festival»»»
(Zuletzt aktualisiert am 26. November 2015)

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